Security Patrol Services

Security Patrol Services


Securing Your Business when you can’t be there

In Australia, an average of $3.822 billion to $4.737 billion is lost to crimes against businesses. Small to medium businesses suffer the most. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, burglaries, theft and vandalism are three of the most common crimes. Surprisingly, all these can be prevented by applying basic security methods.

Here at Phoenix Security Solutions, we work hard, day & night to ensure your business is secure. With our top of the line equipment, technology and highly trained security team, the safety of your business is our priority. Over 20 years in the industry has allowed us to develop the best methods for protecting your property.

We specialise in mobile patrol services for businesses. All establishments will have vulnerable hours. Without someone monitoring the area & providing a Security presence, it’s easy for criminals to take advantage. Whilst CCTV cameras can help, they do have their drawbacks in comparison to a human presence.

The use of security technologies should be partnered by physical guards to ensure a efficient Security strategy.

All our security vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking & guards use the Uniguard Security verification system to verify patrol visits with a time and GPS report. We can schedule attendance reports automatically for our clients.

Security patrols are an affordable part of your Security strategy & can cost as low as only $1 per check.

How does it work?

Patrolling guards will attend your business at vulnerable hours in a marked Security Patrol vehicle. These services are most commonly done at night, when the risk of crime is high.

Business owners can set these patrols on a schedule, however, it’s recommended that random attendances be taken. Setting your guard attendances on a schedule makes it easier for criminal elements to predict the best times for any attack. With random patrols, you give a would be intruder an air of uncertainty.

External perimeter walks incorporating checking of doors & windows to ensure the site is secure & free of unauthorised persons.

Patrols can also be used in on-going construction sites. Trespassing is easy in these areas because there are often no physical doors & vandalism is all to common.

Our standard patrol service includes a lock up check early on in the night to ensure your staff didn’t leave a door or window unsecured in their hurry to leave with another two spotlight patrols later in the night.

This not only ensures your building is secure but give would be criminals the visual presence of a security guard at your site. Criminals will often choose a less risky target.

When patrols find a door open or an unusual situation with your site they generate an electronic incident report that gets send to the client with pictures advising what was found and what the outcome was so you are always kept in the loop regarding the security of your site.

Phoenix Security Solutions is your one-stop shop for all things security, like mobile security patrol services. We provide the best security services in the area. Give us a call today to learn more about our solutions.

Security Patrol Services