Alarm Response Services

Alarm Response Services


Alarm Response: Help is on the way

What happens when your alarm system triggers with an intruder alarm?

You can always choose to respond to your own alarm activation but of course this can be dangerous. Are you liable if you have a staff member respond and they are hurt when confronting an intruder? This can also be an inconvenience as you may be out at a family dinner or simply trying to get some sleep when this occurs.

Let us provide peace of mind with our Rapid Security Alarm Response service.

We can set your account up so the Security Response officer is the first call or we can call you and you can decide if you would like an alarm response. How we respond can be customized to your needs.

The fully uniformed Security Response officer drives a marked Security Patrol vehicle directly to your premises and investigates the cause of the alarm.

The officer will do what they can to apprehend or ID any persons on site and call you and Police if required.

They will remain on site until you attend and if you can’t attend will call a 24 hour glass company to attend and secure your site before leaving.

An Alarm Response docket is left onsite with all the relevant information of the event.

All our security vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking and reports can be provided if required.

Alarm Response Services