Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring


Protect Your Business with 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

24/7 alarm monitoring can be an effective solution to your security concerns. Often, your business or home can suffer significant losses through criminal acts. However, with the help of 24 hour alarm monitoring, you can easily minimise or even prevent these kinds of offences from ever taking place.

Fast action to security events is the key to damage & theft minimisation.

How This Works

We use 4G data & or IP to monitor your security system back to a dedicated security monitoring centre. Licensed operators then monitor your alarm signals 24/7.

Control room operators will be alerted whenever your security alarm notifies of an issue. An operator will follow the procedure you set up to take the actions you deem necessary.

This may be a call to your nominated contact list to advise of what has been triggered. You can then advise the course of action to take such as you will investigate, or you may opt to send a patrol vehicle to investigate. The choice is yours.

You may prefer that a patrol vehicle attends, and we only bother you if there is an issue. Again, this is customisable to suit your requirements.

Interested in keeping your establishment safe and protected? With Phoenix Security Solutions and our 24 hour alarm monitoring solutions, you certainly can. To learn more about our services, feel free to give us a call today.

Alarm Monitoring