CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Camera Systems


Get the Best CCTV Surveillance for your Business or home.

Nowadays, CCTV surveillance is an indispensable security system for any business establishment, including yours. With these devices, you can monitor your commercial premises and employees. Securing assets and knowing the status of your workplace.

The best thing? You can do all this anytime, anywhere. Just by viewing the footage on your smartphone, managing your company and protecting your staff at the same time will be a breeze.

Phoenix Security Solutions can attend to all your security-related problems. Our products and services aim to

deliver the best customer satisfaction. We understand your need to monitor the safety of your office whenever you can’t be there. Thus, we make sure you can rely on the security cameras that we've installed to keep you updated on the events of company anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of having our CCTV surveillance system:

Keeping Customers Safe
We also understand that keeping your customers safe requires cutting-edge technology that lets you instantly view security threats. Our products use a HD IP video solution with live monitoring capabilities that allow you to find out what is happening inside your store real time. In just a few clicks from your smartphone, you can spot suspicious activities and report to the authorities about the threats.

Sharp and Clear Videos
Gone are the days when you can't recognise who's in the footage of your surveillance devices. Our cameras can capture clear images even in the dark. These are built with high-end lenses that can even help you read vehicle number plates and recognise faces with accuracy. High-resolution images are a big help, whether you're checking your employees or assisting a customer who has complaints.

Customer-Centred Solutions
We're not only here to give you the best products. We're here because we want to help your business. Before we suggest what is the best type of system to install in your home or business, we make it a point to listen to all your requests and meet your expectations. We will consider the layout of your space to fully maximise the system coverage.
We also offer a free site inspection to make sure you get the ideal system for your needs.

Defend Your Company from Unfounded Complaints
Without clear CCTV footage it’s really just your word against theirs. Protect your company and yourself against malpractice claims with a quality Security Surveillance system. Can you afford to not have one.

What We Can Promise
With years in the industry, we are confident that we offer the best security products in town. Our mission is to give every business owner peace of mind by keeping their properties protected in regards to break-ins. Rest assured that our cameras are durable, vandal and weather resistant and can function anytime regardless of harsh weather conditions.
Contact us to give the security your company, employees and customers deserve. For more details, get in touch with us.

CCTV Camera Systems