CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Camera Systems



CCTV cameras systems are a necessary part of securing your business, monitoring staff & customers as well as protecting yourself from fraudulent claims.

Home CCTV can be used to monitor your yards from unwanted intrusion, keep an eye on pets & be alerted when visitors arrive.

When paired with the smartphone CCTV app you can view past or live events anytime, anywhere.

Using the powerful AI algorithms incorporated into our CCTV systems you can be notified on your smartphone when a person or vehicle enters into a dedicated area at a dedicated time. These AI algorithms are reliable and precise & reduce false alarms so you can rely on the notifications.

Advantages of having our CCTV surveillance system:

Keeping people & property safe
Our products use, HD IP video solutions with live monitoring capabilities that allow you to find out what is happening inside your premise, real time. In just a few clicks from your smartphone, you can spot suspicious activities and report to the authorities about the threats.

Sharp and Clear Videos
Gone are the days when you can't recognise who's in the footage of your surveillance devices. Our cameras can capture clear images even in the dark. We use quality high resolution HD cameras that can help you read vehicle number plates and recognise faces with accuracy.

Customer-Centred Solutions
With our obligation free quotes we can help you design a system that will cater to your individual needs.
Our service doesn’t end at the install as we are focussed to ensure you are satisfied with the installation & product.

Defend Your Company from Unfounded Complaints
Without clear CCTV footage it’s really just your word against theirs. Protect your company and yourself against malpractice claims with a quality Security Surveillance system. Can you afford to not have one.

CCTV Camera Systems