Alarm systems

Alarm systems


Protect your Property with a Phoenix Security Solutions installed Security Alarm System.

Sleep soundly at night knowing that your property is well-protected. You can hire security officers to patrol your premises during risky hours but without a monitored alarm system are you really doing enough?

To minimise your risk you should have a monitored security alarm system installed.

Phoenix Security Solutions we use our years of industry knowledge to provide you with the right equipment suited to your needs.

Cutting edge products for modern homes & businesses.

At Phoenix Security Solutions, we have tried and tested many brands on the market so we know which brands and options provide only the most dependable products for our clients. We use only the most reliable devices to provide you with the most competitive and reliable products on the market.

Our Technicians are fully licensed, qualified and experienced with most makes and models so even if you just need your Security System or CCTV system looked at due to a fault we have the staff to get you operational again.

We can supply and install everything from a basic affordable system to get the job done all the way up to the latest equipment with all the bells and whistles.

All our systems use battery backup so if the power goes out your still protected and this incorporated with the latest IP/4G wireless communications we will ensure you are protected 24/7.

With a full range of intrusion sensors available as well as smoke detectors & flood detectors we will have what you need for that piece of mind that only a well designed and installed security system can provide.

You can arm/disarm our systems from a multitude of options including LED keypads, LCD touch pads, remote Fob's and even your smart phone by using a dedicated security app.

Wondering about the benefits of these systems? Here are some of them:

  • 24-hour protection against crime, fires, floods and vandalism
  • Deter criminals before they commit a crime
  • Receive alerts when your device detects duress, smoke, flood and break-in attempts
  • Take immediate action once you get alerts
  • Send our Patrol cars to investigate the potential breach or investigate yourself
  • Cooperate with the authorities to help capture criminals
  • Optimal protection when partnered with other products and services such as 24/7 monitoring, patrols and CCTV surveillance systems

Never let your guard down when it comes to your property. Phoenix Security Solutions can help you ensure the safety of your premises and valuable belongings. To know more about our Security Alarm systems and other offers, get in touch with a representative today!

Alarm systems